Review Scale

Reviews are an important thing to authors and readers alike.  I know personally, I look at reviews before I look at the synopsis of a book unless it is one of my go to authors.  Here at Who Picked This, we strive to always give honest, straight forward, SPOILER FREE reviews that will both highlight the pros and the cons (if any) of the book.  We are not here to bash authors or hurt any author's career by lowering their ratings, we are simply writing and posting our honest review.  Our review scale is as follows:

5 Stars -Amazing book that we could not put down! The kind of book you lose sleep over. Made it to our favorites list.

4.5- Almost a 5 Star book, but missing an element to push it over the edge. 

4 Stars -Loved this book. Hard to put down and a book we will more than likely read again.

3.5 Stars - Awesome book that had us sucked in.  

3 Stars -Really good book. Just seems to be missing the WOW factor.

2 Stars -Good book but hard to finish. Had trouble getting into the book and relating to the characters.

1 Star -This book was not for me. We give only honest reviews on our site. If we read it and it just wasn't our kind of book we will be honest. This does not mean it was a terrible book just wasn't for us.

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