Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Cherrie Lynn

Take Me On

Take Me On (Ross Siblings #4) by Cherrie Lynn

The consequences of a moment can last a lifetime.

Gabriella Ross suffered every bride’s worst nightmare: a no-show groom. Now summer stretches before her with nowhere to go but home, at least until it’s time to go back to medical school.

Determined to prove she might be down but definitely not out, she chucks all her old plans in favor of having a good time—starting with giving herself a pair of wings. Tattooed wings, that is, in the form of a phoenix on her back.

When everyone else at Dermamania chickens out at the prospect of putting the gorgeous, perfect skin of the boss’s big sister under the needle, Ian Rhodes finds himself stepping up. Then unexpectedly connecting with her through tears that have nothing to do with the pain of getting inked.

Attraction flares into one hot night that was supposed to stay that way—single, and secret. But best laid plans have a way of getting blown out of the water. Now two perfect strangers must plan for a very different future…beginning with whether there’s enough common ground to spend it together.

Warning: Contains explicit sex, graphic language, Ross family drama, reuniting with beloved old friends…and a hot tattooed, Harley-riding hero who doesn’t mind being robbed from the cradle.

Manda's 4 Star Review

After being left at the alter Gabriella Ross returns home for the summer to lick her wounds and hide out from the embarrassment that awaits her when she returns to medical school in the fall. Deciding to do something drastic she heads to her brothers tattoo shop for her first tattoo. Angry that her brother refuses to do her tattoo she has no choice but to let the newest artist do it for her.

Ian Rhodes is the only artist at the shop brave enough to do a tattoo for the boss's big sister. Not having worked there for long he didn't know much about Gabriella Ross but he heard what happened at her wedding. Determined to give her work she can be proud of he sets about creating a master piece. After spending one amazing night together these 2 strangers find themselves embarking on a journey neither of them were prepared for.

Another great book by Cherrie Lynn. This entire series is wonderful. All of the characters are filled with so much personality and attitude. I could not put this book down. I loved Gabriella's feisty attitude and Ian is definitely one of my favorite bbf. Highly recommend this series. Each story in the series is better than the last. You wont be able to put it down.

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