Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Heather Gunter

Love Notes

Everyone thinks of me as this happy and upbeat person. What they don't know is that I carry a deep, dark secret. Something horrible happened to me a year ago, and I have kept it quiet all this time. I was fine for a while, but somehow it’s chosen this time to come back, and it's eating at me--like a cancer.

I need to tell someone about it, I just don't know how. I'm pushing everyone I love away, including my mom and my best friend Charlie.

Then there is Will. Handsome, sweet Will. We went out on a date a while back, but then the incident happened leaving me crushed and him confused. 

How do you tell someone you care about all of your secrets, and will they still want you when the truth comes out?

***I was given an ARC of this book by the author in exchange for a honest review***

My 4 Star Review!!

This book is a story of a survivor.  Not a victim; never a victim.   Tori was raped, and it turned her whole world upside down (not a spoiler you find this out very early in the book.)  She held in all the pain, anguish, and guilt she felt until it slowly started to eat away at her, and she finally broke.  Heartstrings tells the story of Tori’s process of healing and overcoming something that could have destroyed the strongest of people. Tori was able to find her way and I believe this story will give someone hope to come forward and tell their own stories. 

This book is so much more than just a story of survival.  It’s a beautifully crafted love story, which would have anyone swooning over Will and simultaneously thanking his parents for teaching that boy how to treat a lady!!  Its funny when it needs to be and I found myself reading with a smile on my face more often than not.  But truthfully the most amazing thing about this book is the beauty behind the story line.

Heather ends this book with a note stating that Tori’s story was originated from her own story of courage and strength.  I am honored to have been able to read such an inspiring tale of love, hope, courage, strength, and determination.  This story really gives you a true insight of what its like to be in the situation both Tori and Heather found their selves in and its wonderful to see the healing process from the eyes of a survivor.  I would gladly recommend this book to anyone and everyone!!

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