Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Jo LaRue

Chance Lost

After Chance Cadens mysteriously wins the lottery, she decides to give up her current life and live off grid. However, her whole world turns upside down when she meets Sylas Taiken.

He sparks a long buried part of her damaged soul when he helps her, in what on the surface appears to be a simple bar fight. Nothing is as it seems though, and her life is now in danger.

Sylas realizes that he must help her overcome her troubled past in order for her to survive and commissions the help of his friend Jack.

Chance isn't the only one with a haunting past. When she learns of Sylas' secret, will she take a chance at love?

**** This book is NOT intended for readers under the age of 18****

***Who Picked This? Book blog was given an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review***

My 4 Star Review!!

I must start by saying I have never read any type of shifter romance book before, and this one was a GREAT introduction to the genre. 

We me total bad a** Chance Cadens, who has just been given the opportunity of a lifetime to live the life she wants.  After winning the lottery and quitting her job, Chance decides to buy property and become totally self-sufficient alone in the wilderness.  Chance grew up in the foster system jumping back and forth between homes, and hustling pool was always an easy way to make money, and even though she doesn’t need the money Chance decides to go hustle pool.  Little did she know her life would be completely changed by that one decision.   Chance finds herself the center of attention with a gang of motorcycle bikers and not in the good way, and soon she finds out the life she has known isn’t real; that there are things hidden in plain sight unknown to most people.  Chance meets Sylas and is thrown into a world she knows nothing about, but also finds herself along the way.

Chance Lost is a great story about unconditional love and about how the fate of one person can change and alter the fate of another.  The author did a wonderful job describing things and painting a picture for the reader.  She talks of things I knew little about, but was able to visualize it easily.  I loved the instant connection between Sylas and Chance.

“ ’I know you don’t believ or understand this, but you are the other half of me.  I couldn’t walk away from you, even if I wanted to and I don’t.’ ” 

Sylas was unbelievably swoon worthy!  He was charming, confident, sexy, and above all loving. 

“Moving lower to kiss her neck, he whispered in her ear; his breathe sending shivers throughout her body.  ‘No pressure, babe.  Touching me is not going to make me forget my promise.  Exploration is a natural response, Chance.  Try to relax and let your fear go.  I will never go farther than you want me to, never without your permission.’ “

Overall, Chance Lost was a great book!  It had a good plot, great writing, and wonderful characters!  I can’t wait for the next book and would highly recommend this book especially to anyone who likes paranormal books. 


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