Wednesday, September 24, 2014

M. Robinson

The Madam

The Madam (VIP #2) by M. Robinson
Some people need love…

I need sex, money, control, and power.

Anyone could have those four things, but only one could have VIP. Becoming Madam was never a choice for me, it was a mandated order from the most powerful woman I knew- my mother. I was born to fill her shoes, never to make mistakes, or to show weakness.

You are the product of your environment. They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree; you learn from what you see, not from what you’re told. Nature vs. Nurture. I learned from it all; what I saw, what I didn’t see, what I was told, and from reading between the lines.

I was raised with the belief that the world spun ONLY because of me. I held power as far back as I can remember, saw things no one ever talks about, and witnessed illegal acts of sex, drugs, and money by the time I was eighteen.
You saw a glimpse of me in VIP, now see it from the beginning. Enter my world where anything goes; no judgments, no remorse, no guilt. You play by my rules, or you don’t play at all. There are no limits to what I can do, or to what I can show you…I will ensure my legacy my any means necessary.

My name is Lilith Veronica Stone, and I am The Madam.

Manda's 3 Star Review:

We were introduced to The Madam in VIP, but now is her chance to tell you how it all began. From her privileged upbringing to her intense and competitive relationship with her mother. Lilith was born to be the The Madam, she was made to take over the family business that has been passed down for generations. She learned what to do and not to do from her mother and is determined to make VIP even better than it has ever been. Everything comes with a price though, and sometimes you have to ruthless to get what you want.

I had been hearing everyone talk about VIP for a while before I decided to give it a shot. It was not a storyline that I would typically jump at reading, but everyone was saying how great it was so I decided to give it a shot. After finishing VIP I knew I had to read The Madam. M. Robinson is a fantastic writer and I definitely see why everyone was excited about reading the story. Lilith is completely ruthless in obtaining what she wants but you can also feel how much she cares for her girls and will do anything to protect what is hers. M. Robinson really did a fantastic job at showing the depth of the characters and the extremes they go through in the story. You may not be a fan of Lilith after reading this story but the author does a really good job of showing how and why she became the person she did. The book leaves you wanting to know what happens next. I see big things going down in the next book and am looking forward to reading it. It is really good to step out of your comfort zone from time to time and read something you might not normally read. Its an excellent way to discover fantastic authors.

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