Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Michelle Valente

Phenomenal X

Good Girl. Notorious Bad-Boy. One Phenomenal Love.

From the mean streets of Detroit rises the newest superstar of professional wrestling, Xavier Cold, better known as Phenomenal X. His muscular physique makes men cower before him and women lose their minds with desire.

Anna Cortez is fresh out of college and naive to the harsh realities of the real world. Tired of living under the thumb of her conservative family, she defies them when she accepts a job as the assistant to wrestling’s most notorious bad-boy. Phenomenal X has an animalistic nature that even good girl Anna finds hard to resist.

One night forced to share a bed in a sold-out hotel, lines blur between them and they quickly learn that one lustful night changes everything and neither one of them will ever be the same.

Mag’s 2 Star Review:

We are introduced to Anna Cortez fleeing from her over protective father, moving half way across the country to live with her spontaneous aunt.  While on the airplane, Anna finds herself sitting next to a deviously handsome Xavier.

“His eyes are the kind people write songs and poems about...It nearly steals my breath every time I look into them.”

Xavier, most notoriously know as Phenomenal X, is everything a bad boy should be and he makes this known from day one. 

“Believe me, beautiful, I’m bad news.  A nice girl like you should run away from me as quick as you can.”

One thing leads to another and Anna finds herself working for this beautifully broken man, and finds she maybe in deeper than she thought she would be. 

I had a hard time with this book.  It had such potential, but fell flat.  Anna was so na├»ve and innocent that it made me dislike her.  The book felt extremely rushed, and I was a tad bit disappointed that it ended so soon with a cliff hanger, yet there was still 10% of the book left, which ended up being an excerpt from the Black Falcon Series. 

About the only thing I did like were Anna’s cousin Quinn and her spitfire personality and I LOVED how alpha Xavier was.  He knew what he wanted and made sure everyone knew when he took it. 

“If we smash these friendship rules there’s no going back.  Once I have your- that’s it, you’re mine.  I won’t allow another man to take what’s mine.  Do you understand?”

I also love a beautifully broken man, and Xavier didn’t disappoint.

“Don’t think for one second that I’m not a monster, because I am.  I can’t change who or what I am.  I hate to disappoint you, but I’m not a hero.  I’m the villain in this story.”

Overall, I was truly disappointed in this book.  I wanted it to be good so bad.  I liked the concept, but the follow through just wasn’t good enough for me.  

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