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Amanda Heath

Make Me, Save Me

Make Me


"Make me, Channing. Make me fall. Push me, shove me, just make sure I get there.” I shout at him, taking a step back. His eyes clash with mine. I read the challenge there, making me take another step back.

He stalks the few steps to me and grabs my arms slamming his forehead down on mine, “I’ll make you.” His lips skim against mine as he continues to speak, “And I’ll be falling right there with you.”

Paisley Vaughn grew up on the wrong side of the tracks. After finding her mother dead from an overdose, Paisley and her baby sister are shipped off to live with her maternal grandparents. 

She always knew they were rich, she just didn’t realize how rich they were. Now she’s being forced to go to a prestigious high school. One where the tuition is more money then she’s ever seen. 

Thinking these rich kids are going to be snobbish and rude, she’s surprised to find the Vaughn name means she is untouchable. Well unless your name is Channing Southerland. 

Paisley has to navigate her new life and all the new people in it. While her mother might have lied about her grandparents, no one is lying about Channing. He’s beautiful, mean, arrogant, and turning her on. 

Before long a war is fought, leaving Paisley wondering if she’ll be ruined or made. Though she might just fall irrevocably in love. 

Mag's 5 Star Review:

Paisley grew up with her drug addict mother and two year old sister, Beebee, in a trailer park on the wrong side of town.  She was forced to grow up extremely early if she wanted to survive, and once her mother had Beebee Paisley had to learn how to become a mother as well.  Walking in and finding her mother dead from an overdose sent Paisley and Beebee to the right side of a town filled with mansions, new cars, and expensive clothes.  Paisley enters into a world she had no idea existed and because threats she is forced to stay in that world.  Channing Southerland is privileged, entitled, and has power people wish they could have.  But Channing also has secrets no one knows about, secrets that have shaped him into the angry, stoic, and passionless person he is today.  Channing and Paisley enter a whirl wind relationship that will leave your mouth hanging open in shock!

I freaking loved this book!! It has been a long time since I have read a book that I truly wanted to consume, but this book was one that I couldn’t put down.  Paisley is an amazing young heroine.  She is strong, tough, proud and amazingly sweet when she wants to be.  Channing is in a class all his own!! He is brooding and moody and I loved every freaking minute of it.  He can also be charming, sweet, and totally swoon worthy.  This story’s plot just keeps intertwining together and gets better as the pages turn.  I read this book with a smile on my face and a happy heart.  The story was well written and the author felt like she was connected to the characters.  Simply amazing!!

Save Me


Save Me can be read as a standalone.
Courtney Pierce never thought he would love anyone but Annabella Gage. She was his entire world for eleven years. Even though she was dating his older brother, he couldn’t seem to let her go. Then things shifted and lines became blurred. Pierce wasn’t sure whose bed Annabella should be in anymore. 

But Annabella has secrets. Dark secrets she will do anything to protect. So like the crazy witch that she is, she rips Pierce’s heart to shreds and devastates his soul. He’s left with the emotional wreckage and no way out in sight. 

Then Rachel Sanders drop kicks into his life. The beautiful brunette is utterly hard to resist and one night of intense passion leads to an unexpected surprise. A surprise that has all their friends shocked, because Rachel and Pierce couldn’t be more different. 

Now he’s left with one option and it doesn’t include Annabella. Rachel, though, is full of surprises and Pierce finds their relationship so incredibly easy. Way easier than what he had with Annabella. So easy he finds he didn’t even know what love was before Rachel. 

But like any twisted love story, Pierce is hiding dark secrets, too. Secrets that he feels will rip he and Rachel apart. When push comes to shove will Pierce spill those secrets? And if he does, will they separate the new lovers before they even have a chance to begin? 

Much like Pierce and Annabella, someone else has something to hide. Let’s hope Rachel sticks around because when this secret comes out. , she’ll be the only one who can save Pierce.

Mag's 4 Star Review:

***Who Picked This? was given an ARC of this book, in exchange for an honest review***

Pierce is a hard, brooding, and sometimes down right angry, but he has a side to him no one ever sees. A side that is brought out by a loud, blunt, speaks her mind woman. Rachel is who she is and makes no move to change that. One unexpected night of lust and passion, leaves Rachel more involved with Pierce than either one of them had planned. Little did each of them know, that they had found the key to finally becoming happy.

“You made me, you broke me, and now you’re going to save me.” 

Amanda Heath has created a world that will literally suck you in. Book one, Make Me owned me, I devoured Break Me, and Save Me sucked me in from the beginning. One of the things I love the most about these books is the facet that all the characters are friends/enemies and are in each book. This book was focused on Pierce and Rachel’s strange yet beautiful relationship, but we still got to see plenty from all the other amazingly hilarious characters.

Reading this story from a complete male point of view was great, because you really got to see the real Pierce and not the dick he always portrayed himself to be. We finally got to see Pierce’s happily ever after, and truthfully after the ending of Break Me, he deserved it.

“Yeah, I love you. I think I might die if I didn’t love you.” 

Rachel is loud, makes people uncomfortable, says what is on her mind and I loved every minute of her! There is honestly nothing I would change about her.

“I know Pierce and Annabella hung out with us, but it wasn’t much. Now we get stuck with emo Pierce. A least Annabella was nasty, which made things fun.” 

Some how with Pierce and Rachel being completely different, they were still very much a like. They both found happiness and love in something they never thought they would find.

Even though the series isn’t over, I feel like Pierce and Rachel’s story was such an epic conclusion. After finishing Save Me, I was left so happy and content. This book, as well as the others in this series, has just enough angst, heartache, funny moments, and a whole lot of sexy to keep just about anyone interested. Overall, this was an amazingly written book that I couldn’t put down and I would highly suggest this series to just about everyone.

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