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Bella Jewel

Melancholy, Precarious, Knight's Sinners, Angels in Leather, Number Thirteen

"There's never been a time I've cared about anything more than my club. Today that all changed. Today I got you."

To truly understand a story; you need to start from the beginning, but to start from the beginning; you have to go back, further than just you. After all, our stories don’t start with us, do they? Our stories start with the person before us, and the person before them. We are created from the stories of those people - from their mistakes, from their achievements, from their love and their hate.

No one’s story is ever truly their own.

I tried to create my own story, my own path, and my own actions. I’ve seen things people only see in their worst nightmares, but I never let it beat me down. I never let it become who I was. I picked myself up, and I kept going. Everything was what it was.

There was no point analyzing what it could be.

Could be’s didn’t matter.

Until Maddox came into the picture. He saved my life. He changed my world; giving me the second chance some of us only dream about. There was only one thing missing in my second chance, and she was the reason I fought so hard to survive.

My sister.

My sister who is supposed to be dead, well, at least, that’s what I thought.

That’s what he told me.

Now is where my story changes, but to understand this story, you have to start at the beginning…where it all began…and before.

This story is the second book in a series. You can get the first book on all major retailers. (Precarious - Jokers' Wrath MC Book 1)

Manda's 4 Star Review:

When Santana was at her lowest and needed a savior Maddox came into her life. He pulled her from the dark and gave her a second chance at life. A chance her beloved sister never had. She has spent most of her life living for her sister and keeping her safe and then she was gone and Santana had no choice but to live her second chance. Maddox is bossy and controlling and keeps Santana close without ever crossing the line. Then everything changes and the truth about what really happened to her sister comes to light. Now they must work together with the help of the Joker's Wrath MC to uncover the truth. They face extreme danger and risk everything to set right the wrongs of the past.

Bella Jewel is an amazing writer!! She has the ability to tell these stories that completely pull you in and make it impossible to set down. She has definitely scored again with this one. Santana and Maddox have this intense relationship and you can actually feel the tension between them pouring off the page. It grabs you from the very start and doesn't let go until the last page. The story is filled with drama, danger and a love so intense you will not be able to put it down. Add to that a healthy dose of the rest of the Joker's Wrath MC and you get one crazy ride. Definitely a must read that I highly recommend. I look forward to what comes next from Bella Jewel it's sure to be a fantastic ride.

In darkness, we find danger. In danger, I find Beau.

Ash is a prison guard, she's tough, she's strong and she never backs away from a fight. She takes her job seriously, she takes her training seriously, and everything in her life goes as planned.

Until the day he is brought into the prison.

She'll never forget meeting Beau 'Krypt' Dawson for the first time. She'll never forget his haunted eyes and his numb expression. He's a member of the Jokers Wrath MC and it is said he killed an innocent family in the middle of a cafe, in cold blood.

Deranged. Crazy. Psychotic.
All those words describe the infamous Krypt, but Ash suspects there's far more to the quiet man than meets the eye. Secrets are being hidden by the club, information is being kept under wraps. Krypt is silent for a reason.

Ash is desperate to know that reason.

Continually fighting, Krypt is transferred to a high security prison. Ash is in charge. She's always prepared, always alert. Not even her skills will stop the club from ambushing them and taking back Krypt. Only Ash ends up right in the middle of it.
They take her, too.

Now she's stuck with a Motorcycle Club who are tougher than any prisoner she's ever laid eyes on. And they won't let her go. She's too much of a risk. Until the situation can be sorted, they send her and Krypt into the mountains together....alone.
An epic, dangerous love will be built on the foundations of darkness. 

***Who Picked This Book Blog was given an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review***

Manda's 4 Star Review:

Ash works as a prison guard and loves her job. Always honest and direct she makes it a point to talk to each of the prisoners and try to help them in any way she can. She works had and trains hard to make sure he live goes as planned. Then Beau 'Krypt' Dawson is brought in. She knows there is something different about him but she also knows he is dangerous. When Beau is transported to a higher security prison Ash finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. She finds herself kidnapped by the Jokers Wrath MC and alone with Krypt. She knows the entire situation is wrong and that everything that has happened at the prison since Beau arrived is suspicious. As the whole story begins to unfold Ash discovers the only place she feels safe is with Beau. As the club works to sort out the situation with Beau the danger that threatens Ash gets closer. Ash has to put her trust in Beau and the MC who have kidnapped her.

I absolutely loved this book. Bella Jewel is an amazing author and I have been a fan of her books since I first discovered the Sinners series. I am a huge fan of MC books and love that this storyline is different than most of the MC books I have read. Ash is a fantastic character who is tough and can hold her own against prisoners and dangerous MC's. The dark and mysterious 'Krypt' is one of my new favorite characters. The supporting characters are also all very well written and keep you pulled into the story. I read this book in one morning and it left me wanting the next book. Such a good story and I cannot wait to find out what happens next. Again Bella Jewel does not disappoint!! Very highly recommended!!

Mag’s 4.5 Star Review:

“Oh God.  This is so erotic, so dirty, and so indisputably wrong in the best possible way.”

I started this book and ended it on the same day.  It completed owned my mind, body and soul.  Bella Jewel is one of my go to authors, so I knew it was going to be good, but I had no idea how much I was going to fall in love with it.  Precarious was funny when it needed to be, and believe me I laughed a lot at parts, it was intense and it was most defiantly hot.  Precarious maybe about a motorcycle club, but it most defiantly is not just another average MC book and you find that out quickly when you meet the main characters.

Ash wanted more out of life than the average everyday escape to an office.  She wanted to work in a place where she made a difference, so she found herself working as a guard in a prison.  Ash maybe a female but she could take down men large and stronger than herself.  She had trained and worked hard to prepare herself to show no emotion on the outside, but nothing was enough to prepare her for the breath-stealing panty-wetting Adonis, who was hauled into her prison late one night. 

Beau aka Krypt is the VP of Jokers Wrath MC and has found himself behind bars for something no one has solid proof that he actually did.  Before things could get out of hands, Krypt finds himself getting set to be transfer to a maximum prison only to be ambushed and taken back with Jokers Wrath.  Only things didn’t go as planned and they end up taking along Ash and putting her life in a very hazardous place; right between rival MC’s. 

This book goes through a dangerous high stakes journey as Krypt and Ash work to clear Krypt’s name and get Ash home safe and in one peice. 

“But you don’t f**king hat me and it kills you, because you know I’m the best thing for you right now.”

Along the way they find a connection that’s more than they both bargained for, but neither one of them have enough will power to turn it down.

Come on, baby, open up.  Let me kiss you.”

Well?’ I hiss up at him.  ‘ Are we going to lay her, or are you going to f**k me and make it count?’”

I loved Ash’s strength, determination, and heart, but I especially loved her loyalty.  She was taken against her will and still had the courage to stay strong and live amongst these people she had no clue who they were, when she would ever see anyone she knew again, if she would live or die, yet she still made the best of it.  Best of all, she tried to OD the biker on salt (hilarious).

Krypt was yummy with a capital Y.  He was rough and manly and completely alpha.  He was tough when he needed to be but he also knew when to man up and admit defeat when he messed up.  He is probably one of my favorite bikers thus far. 

I cannot wait for the next book in this series.  Bella Jewel simply amazes me every flipping time she writes a book, and I can honestly say I count down until the next one of her books comes out again.  The only bad thing I could say about this book was I wish it was longer.  I needed more!  I would highly recommend this book!

“Give Me all you’ve got, biker.”

Knight’s Sinners

Jackson is always considered the 'softie'. He's the first to help people out when they're in need. He's President of the Hell's Knights and he figures it's about time he shows the world how much of a sinner he can be. 

Serenity has a dark past. Secrets haunt her and she has no way of escaping them. Hogan is the only family she knows and life with him is brutal. And it's about to get worse. 

He sends her on a mission. 

On a mission to destroy the Hell's Knights and the Heaven's Sinners. 

Can she pretend with a club she doesn't know? 

Or will she betray Hogan for the man she's falling in love with?
Knights' Sinner is book 3 in the MC Sinners series if you haven't read the previous books don't read this review.

***Who Picked This Book Blog was given an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review***

Manda's 5 Star Review:

When my blog received this ARC for review I had not read the other books. I'm not normally a fan of motorcycle club books,so I was having a bit of trouble getting motivated to read the first 2 books. Once I got started reading I could not put them down. I read all 3 Books in a day and a half. I am so glad I discovered this series. I love this book. Each book got better and better and I’m now sad that I don't have another one to read.
The characters are fantastic. It's not the usual touch guy/weak girl story. All of the characters are bad-ass with just the right amount of compassion to make them realistic. Jackson is definitely my favorite. As the president of the club he is the perfect amount of leader and father figure. Willing to to anything to keep his family (club) safe. The storyline will keep you interested and you will have a hard time putting the book down. I really wish there were more books. I would love to read more about these guys. This series is a must read!!! Even if you are like me and don't normally like motorcycle club books. This series will change your mind. Love this series and can't say enough about it!! READ IT!!!

Mag's 5 Star Review:

Jackson has always been more concerned about others than himself specifically his club and his daughter. He’s had women over the years, but no one that came close to the he felt for Addi’s mom. After teaming up with Spike, president of Heaven’s Sinners, to take down Holden, a vicious president of a rival MC that killed Spike’s first wife, Jackson is determined to make sure the threat was eliminated. Serenity is sent in to the Hell’s Knights compound as a spy for extremely non-dead Holden, who just happens to be her father and only family. Serenity was brought up by a monster that would literally do anything that would benefit himself, including sending his daughter into a rival MC. Could she betray the people who have shown her nothing but kindness and allow the one man, who has destroyed her, to gain the advantage? The one factor no one expected was the immediate chemistry between Jackson and Serenity.

Bella has truly grown as an author. I liked Cade and Addi’s story, I loved Spike and Ciara, but Jackson and Serenity just blew my mind! I loved Serenity’s character. She was strong and witty, but at the same time was timid and shy. She meshed so well with Jackson, who is a tough guy with a heart of gold. At first, I was a bit thrown off by the age difference, but once I felt the connection and spark between Jackson and Serenity I knew age truly didn’t matter. It was great to see the relationships with the characters from the first and second books grow right along with this story line. I love everything MC, from documentaries and TV shows to books about hot bad boy bikers! Bella made the MC world come to life in her series, and with her story telling was able to keep me glued to my kindle. As with all of Bella’s books, this one did not disappoint! I laughed out loud, I cried, and I didn’t want the story to be over!

Angels In Leather

A girl on the run.

Her father gave her one task before he died. To deliver a package.
Now she has the baddest biker in the state after her.

He wants what she's got.

Secrets in both the past and the present threaten to destroy what she is working so hard for.

He threatens to ruin her heart.

Two worlds will collide to make something explosive.

***Who Picked This? was given an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review***

Mag's 4 Star Review: 

Meadow grew up in a MC household with a father who was involved in some not so pleasant things and some not so pleasant people. The only person beside her father she trusted was Alex, but she soon realizes people change. She finds this out the hard way when Axel shoots her father right in front of her. While on his deathbed Meadow’s father asks her to make a promise to him, and Meadow does not intend to let him down. So Meadow finds herself running. Running from a dangerous man, who wants what she has and is willing to do whatever he needs to in order to get it. 

Axel is messed up. He has had a hard life and nothing or no one is going to change that. Or so he thinks. Axel spends two years chasing after a girl who has something that could bring his whole life to shambles, but once he catches the girl he realizes she isn’t so much of a girl anymore.

Angels in Leather is a gritty, raw and powerful story with an extremely dominant alpha male and a sassy, strong, and fiercely loyal heroine. Bella Jewel took a completely different approach to this series than she did with Sinners series, and I couldn’t be happier. I cannot stress enough how down right dirty and gritty Axel is and I loved every minute of it. My only complaint has to be waiting for the next one! I would totally recommend this book to everyone MC fans or not!

Manda's 4 Star Review:

Left with the burden of honoring her fathers dying wish, Meadow finds herself in a dangerous game of cat and mouse. Meadow has something Axel wants and he will chase her to the ends of the earth to get it. With time running out Axel is undeterred by a once close friendship and steps up his game to get to Meadow. With so many unanswered questions, the confusion over her fathers death, and the relationship with her once good friend she has no choice but to pursue the truth. As Meadow and Axel battle for the truth an even greater threat lurks in the shadows and threatens to end them all.
I was not sure what I was getting into with this book. I love the MC Sinners books and was wondering if we were going to get the same kind of book with a different name. I found myself both pleasantly surprised and a little disappointed that this book was so different. Angels in Leather is raw and gritty, a dark contrast to the Sinners series. I love that it went in a different direction and that the characters were not as amicable, but at the same time I missed the bad-ass bikers with heart. Axel is definitely more raw and savage and at times hard to like. I would have loved for it to be a bit longer as it felt a little rushed at the end but still a really good book that I would recommend. Bella Jewel knows how to write MC books and I can't wait to see what she comes up with next!

Number Thirteen

**AUTHOR NOTE - This is NOT a BDSM Romance**

We're thirteen girls, captive, slave to our master. 
A master we've never seen.
Obedience will become all we know in our shallow existence. It is the only emotion we're permitted to feel.
When we're bad, we're punished. When we're good, we're rewarded. 
Our scars run deep. Yet we survive, because we have to... 
because HE teaches us to.
All of us are special, we feel it with everything we are.
He has us for a reason, but it's a reason we don't know.
We've never seen his face, but we know that something deeply broken lies beneath the darkness. With every touch, with every punishment, we know it. 
Then something changed. 
He showed me who he truly is.
Now I want him.
I'll go against everything I know to be with him. 

A monster. 

My monster. 

Loving him is a sin, but a sinner I am. I won't stop until I see every part of him. Even the parts he keeps locked deep down inside. 

I am Number Thirteen, and this is my story.

***Who Picked This Book Blog was given an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review***

Manda's 5 Star Review:

Thirteen girls kidnapped and held captive by a stranger. Unable to remember their names or how they came to be in this strange place. They are given rooms and jobs to complete and are taken care of, but if they don't do as they are told they are punished. They know they are there for a reason but have no idea what that reason is, yet. The longer they are there the more number thirteen needs answers. When their mystery captor reveals himself to her, she finds there is more to him than she expected. She wants him just as much as she wants to know the truth.

I did not know what to expect with this book when I started reading it. Even though it is specified as not being a BDSM story it does put you in that mind frame at the beginning. The further in to the story you get the more you realize this is something completely different. What an amazing and different storyline. I live for these kinds of books. Books that take you completely off guard and leave you speechless. This is an amazing book that pulls you in and will keep you guessing. Bella Jewel is an amazing author, and I was a huge fan before reading this book, but even more so now. This is a definite must read. You will be completely amazed by this book and the cast of unusual characters. So amazing! Cannot say enough about this book. Fantastic job Bella Jewel!!

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