Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Kimberly Knight

Wanting Spencer
Wanting Spencer (B&S #2.5) by Kimberly Knight

Brandon's POV for Wanted

**Please note that this is a novella to Wanted and should be read after. Wanting Spencer is through the male’s point of view and doesn’t cover every detail of the story.**

Brandon Montgomery has found the girl that he has always wanted. He can’t picture his life without Spencer Marshall in it, because she’s like his rock. She’s smart, funny, the most beautiful woman he has ever seen and… of course, a good dancer.

After his crazy ex-girlfriend tried to take Spencer from him, Brandon can’t picture his life without falling asleep with Spencer each night and waking up each morning with her in his arms.

However, ghosts from his past keep showing their ugly heads, and one tragic night, Spencer is taken from him.

Can Brandon protect Spencer like he promised her father that he would? Can he get to Spencer before it’s too late, or will his past take the future he has always wanted?
Manda's 4 Star Review

Brandon had finally found the girl of his dreams the only problem is everyone is trying to take her away from him. After his crazy ex tries to get rid of her, they discover another threat lurking in the shadows. Brandon has promised Spencer's dad that he will take care of her and protect her but ghosts from his past make it harder and harder to keep that promise.

Wanting Spencer is Wanted told from the POV of Brandon.

I loved hearing the story from Brandon's side. How he was feeling and dealing with everything that happened with his ex as well as how strongly he feels for Spencer. Kimberly Knight is a terrific author and has a way of getting you involved in her characters. A very quick read that will leave you with a better understanding of Wanted . If you liked the previous books in the series you don't want to miss out on this one. Great Job!

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