Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Kristy Dallas

Tortured Soul

Review: Tortured Soul (Mercy's Angels #3) by Kirsty Dallas

Third book in the Mercy's Angels Series. Can be read as a standalone, or in series read order:

Saving Ella - book 1
Fighting Back - book 2
Tortured Soul - book 3

Emily Donovan didn't know love, she didn't know gentle and her future wasn't hers to own. Because HE owned her. There is only so much one soul can take before it is broken beyond repair and she had reached that milestone long ago.

Braiden Montgomery had secrets, secrets that would see a special place in hell reserved just for him. He was trying to make amends, trying to find his own form of redemption when a waif of a girl with jet black hair and pale blue eyes seized his heart.

Emily's soul had been tortured by men like Braiden, so trusting the dark haired Dom would be one of the most difficult things she would ever do. For a man with skills like Braiden, keeping 'Em' safe would be a piece of cake. Bringing her frozen heart back to life might just prove impossible though.

Manda's 4 Star Review:

Emily Donovan has had to endure more pain and suffering than any one person should. Having her innocence and life stolen from her by a dominating tyrant, she is only a shell. After years of abuse and torture Emily has locked herself away completely shut off from her emotions just so she can survive. Completely dependent on her captor she has no idea how to function outside of that life. When forced to trust a stranger to survive Emily struggles with what she has been taught and a chance to be free.

Braiden Montgomery is trying to make amends for the sins of his past. Determined to help those who need it, he finds himself completely consumed by rescuing a girl who has been forced to live an unimaginable life. The rescue may turn out to be the easy part for Braiden as he struggles with his own demons. The past always has a way of catching up with you eventually and sometimes what is broken cannot be fixed.

What an emotionally powerful read. The life this girl is forced to live is heartbreaking and at times difficult to read about. Kirsty Dallas does an amazing job with this book. I had not read the first 2 books in this series prior to reading this but I am reading them now. The characters are beautifully written and so complex as they each battle their own demons. I could not put this book down, I had to know what happened next. Such a good read and I highly recommend reading this one. I cannot wait to read the first 2 books.

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