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Louise J

If Only, Release

What’s a girl to do when she meets a man who claims the heart that she’s already given to someone else? My boyfriend is everything I’ve ever wanted, he’s perfect, but when I met Joe ... I can’t even describe the intensity of my attraction to him. I’d never experienced anything like it before. Since then, it’s become something so much deeper and I’m finding it impossible to ignore what I feel for him. I know I’m already with the man I should be with, yet I want Joe. I can’t seem to get my head and my heart to agree on this. I’m not about to cheat and I won’t just drop the man I love. But what do I do about Joe?

Tattoos, bikes and women – that’s been my life for the last two years and it suited me just fine. Until the day I swerved to avoid a raggedy old VW Bug heading my way, hit the sidewalk, and ended up sprawled on my back. I came around to a pounding headache and the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever seen. Don’t know if it was the effect she had on me, or the accident, but I somehow managed to let her go without exchanging information, more importantly numbers. Maybe it would’ve been better if things had stayed that way. Maybe then I wouldn’t be caught up in this dilemma. I should do what most guys would do and pursue her, regardless of her being in a relationship. Trust me, it’s tempting. The problem is, I’ve been on the receiving end of a situation similar to this, so I know the hurt I could cause and I don’t think I can do that. But I want Callie. I want her bad.

When Callie and Joe met, neither were prepared for the sequence of events that would follow, or the impact of the choices they would go on to make. 

If only is book one in the Captured series. Adult Contemporary Romance. This series is not intended for those below 18 years old due to graphic sexual content and use of language.

***Who Picked This? book blog was given an ARC of this book in return for an honest review***

My 4 Star Review!!

Callie is 18 and fresh out of high school. She is still young and believes she has everything she has ever wanted in her boyfriend, Nick, but during Callie’s summer before college she is determined to do things on her own and have a life outside of her relationship. An adventurous trip to the local tattoo parlor has her running into the same beautiful man she got into a car accident with a couple months prior and a fast friendship is formed. When Joe moved to the city, he was only looking for one thing: a good time. He didn’t want a relationship with all the baggage and drama that accompanied them: that is until he met Callie. Over the years, Callie and Joe never seem to be in the right time and place to commit to each other, nor do they even admit to having feelings for one another. Life goes on until one-day words get spoken that change everything. 

I really enjoyed meeting these characters and living their lives with them. Louise is truly a gifted writer. She brought so much attention to detail when explaining things that you could easily visualize what she was talking about. A prime example of that is when she is describing Joe from Callie’s POV 

“I thought my memory of his face was an exaggeration, the exceptional features and planes combing masculinity and beauty, but it’s true and very real. The tone of his skin is closer to olive than fair and appears incredibly smooth. I have an urge to slowly run the top of my fingers along the lines and contours of his features, medium-thick eyebrows; narrow nose; high, defined cheekbones; softly-chiseled jaw…”

I loved how Callie was her own person and didn’t try to change herself for anyone else: that is something remarkable for anyone let alone someone her age. Not only were Callie and Joe fabulous characters, but also the supporting characters had me covering my mouth giggling like a schoolgirl! The whole chemistry between the friends in this book was something to envy. Louise was able to shock me twice in this book!! I never saw things coming, and the last 40% had me on my toes waiting to see what was going to happen. The only negative thing I could say for this book was that there is a time jump in the middle of the book that happens with zero warning. It would have been nice to have a date or something to go by, but that is the only thing I would change. I truly enjoyed reading this book and I am excited there is another one in the series. Louise takes Callie and Joe on a passionate, electrifying, and shocking journey that will have you eager to turn the page. 

I knew from the start that I should stay away from Dane, and I would have – if he’d stayed away from me. Astoundingly sexy with a consuming presence of unspoken command, he enthralls me to the point of almost being incapable of rational thoughts, almost being incapable of resisting him. My hands want to explore him. My tongue wants to taste him. My body begs to experience him. I crave him. Now he’s starting to intrude on a level that’s harder to fight. I know what he wants from me. I also know that Dane is not the type of man you expect to keep.

Things are never straightforward with women like Brooklyn. She’s not the kind whose bed you can slip out of and walk away from without ‘special connections’ or ‘emotions’ expected or offered. She’s the type of woman I prefer to keep my distance from, but like an undersexed, hormonal idiot, I still pursued her. I swear getting turned on by her is like getting turned on for the first time in my life. Now I have her in my grasp, but I know where this will lead. And I’m never the one that gets hurt in situations like this.

A woman who has barely put her broken-self back together and a man who turned his back on love a long time ago. When Dane and Brooklyn first met it appeared to be a simple case of lust between two opposites, but it was the beginning of an intense, emotional journey that would bring forth the pain they both attempted to leave in their pasts, and an encapsulation of feelings neither welcomed but were powerless to stop. Sometimes in life there is no choice but to take a risk.

*Release takes place in the months leading up to the end of If Only (book one in the Captured series), and includes major spoilers from Joe and Callie’s story.

*This book contains graphic sexual content.

***Who Picked This? Book Blog was given an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review***

My 5 Star Review!!

Brooklyn is a dancer in every sense of the word. She lives and breathes dancing, but after tearing her achilles tendon she is sure she will never perform again. Brooklyn goes through a tough spot in her life emotionally and physically, but after time and attention Brooklyn finds herself in San Francisco dancing in Release. She thought she knew how much this show would change her life and give her back her dreams, but she never expected to get so much more from it. Dane is a non-commitment type of guy. He makes his intentions known from the beginning and makes no apologies for being the way he is. He loves his sister and his family and is content enough, but he has never met anyone quite like Brooklyn before. Brooklyn gets under his skin like no other, and Dane is determined to have her. Release is the story of Brooklyn and Dane fighting the temptation and passion that grows between them, until one day neither one wants to fight it anymore. This story is not just about passion and chemistry between two individuals: it’s more about growing and accepting yourself and your choices, because both Dane and Brooklyn have pasts that ultimately help shape the way they live their lives. 

So I thought If Only (Captured #1) was great, but Release had me in love from the beginning!! Brooklyn was an ideal heroine. She was smart, talented, and extremely witty! She had me with her UK terms and her fun spirit. I loved how she fought between what she wanted and needed, and ultimately she followed her heart and it lead to an amazing experience. Dane is just incredible. He is great looking, honest, trustworthy, and beyond all that has a great heart. He is who he is and doesn’t allow others to change him. The chemistry between the two was AH-MAZ-ING, and Dane had me blushing too many times to count. 

I’ve said it before and Ill say it again: Louise is a wonderfully talented writer! I felt every single emotion the characters were feeling and it felt as if I was right there along with them. Once again the descriptive writing she used painted a perfect picture. It was fun reading more about Callie, Joe, Adam, Saffron, and Gerard, but it was great that we got to meet new characters as well. I can honestly say I wouldn’t change a single thing about this book! I read it with a constant smile on my face and laughed out loud so much! I cannot wait for Gerard’s book and most defiantly recommend this book to anyone and everyone!!


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