Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Nicole Reed

Wasted Heart

Wasted Heart (Ruining #3) by: Nicole Reed

Who are you?”

The image in the mirror staring back at me feigns disinterest.

Rock star? Recovering addict? Murderer?

How can you explain to someone what it’s like not to care? Not about yourself or the person standing next to you. I’ve lost that, the ability to feel and show affection. I do, however, have a heart. Sometimes, when I chase the dragon, it thunders through my head like a drum, reminding me it still beats. It’s still there.

Hollow. Empty. Wasted.

My agent says I have one more shot. A single, solitary chance to stay in the music biz, but there is one massive problem. HER.

***This is a stand-alone book. It is a spin-off from the Ruining Series; however, you do not have to read the series to read Rhye's story.

Manda's 4 Star Review:

Rhye Clark was living the dream. A rock star life, in a band with his best friend and making the music they love. Until the dark side of fame catches up to them, the wild parties,women and drugs. When tragedy strikes, Rhye finds himself empty and lost. In and out of rehab, lost in a sea of drugs and nameless women. No longer able to hear the music that once drove him. Completely hollow and unable to find the strength to care. Until, his record label threatens to release him from his contract. Without the record label contract Rhye would no longer be able to support his mother. Feeling like he has no choice Rhye heads to Nashville to meet with the team who are supposed to help him get clean and back on track.

Syn Landry is a country music sweetheart. A popular artist who has found success writing and making the music she loves. After finishing a successful tour and dealing with a heartbreak, her label sends her to Nashville to work with some of the best writers in the business. Hoping to turn this country girl into a crossover sensation. This is where Syn meets Rhye Clark. She is no stranger to his music and had a crush on the rock star when she was younger. Excited about this new opportunity, Syn learns quickly that the man in front of her is broken and angry. Still she feels drawn too him and wants nothing more than to help him find his way back and to finally hear the music again. She fights to stay beside him although he tries his hardest to push her away, but addiction and guilt are difficult to overcome. Unless the person wants to overcome them even love isn't enough.

Wasted Heart is a story about addiction and regret. It is a more realistic look into the life of an addict. The constant struggles they face to stay clean and how easy it is to relapse. The story is beautifully written and the characters are full of depth and emotion. It's about the pull you feel toward someone else even when it seems impossible. This isn't the normal bad boy rock star meets the sweet girl next door and completely changes. Its a dark and edgy story about learning to cope with the regrets of your past and to fight your addictions. Its about letting go and moving forward. Nicole Reed has an amazing talent for writing stories that make you care about her characters. I love her work and would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for something a little deeper and a little darker than your typical rock star romance. Definitely a good read.

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