Wednesday, September 24, 2014

PJ Bolden

Protective Love
**Due to sexual content, language and violence, this book is only suitable for ages 18 and up**

Everyone has secrets. How far would you go to keep them hidden? What would it take for you to rid yourself of the secret…. to move past it all?

Kayla Williams was stuck in a reoccurring nightmare. The problem was Kayla wasn’t dreaming. This really was her life for the past sixteen years. No matter what, she knew she had to keep this secret, from everyone she knew and loved especially her ten brothers and sisters. It was a secret that would break the family apart. Kayla is the middle child of a large family. Kayla found it all too easy to blend into the background. When her twin sisters have a graduation party, Kayla decides to stop by only to tell them congratulations. She had tried to stay away from her family and her family home as much as she could. Kayla loved her family, but it was hard to face them, knowing the awful secret she was hiding. What Kayla didn’t know was that going to this party would cause the first domino to fall and trigger the next.

Jason Gold, a dutiful son, was a loner all his life. To Jason, honesty and trust were only a figment of people’s imagination but something he believed in. Jason, a police detective is married to the job. When Jason’s sick mother asks him to attend a party on behalf of her, he meets the one girl that he could not ignore or forget.

Secrets are dangerous…. they can cause bonds to break and hearts to shatter…. Will Kayla survive her hidden secret or will it claim her forever? Will Jason come clean on his secrets or let them tear away the only woman he has cared enough about to pursue?

***Who Picked This? Book Blog was given an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review***

My 5 Star Review!!

An epic tale of a survivor who found her voice and in turn found herself.

“The first sprays of water that hit my skin burned, but it was better than the pain I had been feeling; the empty, hollow pain that seemed to ache, but never heal.  It was always with me, like phantom pains that stayed with me each day.“

We meet Kayla broken, destroyed, and barely hanging on to her life.  She gets up, goes to work, and comes home never truly living just making it day to day.  She is living a partial life and doesn’t seem to notice it until a chance meeting with a stranger unlocks feelings she has never had before. 

"Whenever he was around me, I felt different.  My skin tingled, and my heart skipped beats.  It almost felt like I couldn’t breathe.  This was a reaction to a man I’ve never had before.”

Unknowing to her family, Kayla had been repeatedly violated for 16 years and it took everything from her.  She withdrew from her family and choose to keep to herself, rather than hurt anyone else with her problems.  Jason is okay being alone, because being alone means not getting hurt.  Jason meets Kayla and can’t keep her out of his thoughts and is determined to know more about her.  After yet another meeting, Jason sees first had what Kayla’s deepest darkest secrets are and he wants nothing more than to fix it for her. 

“When I look in her eyes I could see the fear plain as day.  The look pulled at something in my chest; I wanted to protect her, hold her, and let nothing or no one hurt her again.”

Jason is assigned to protect Kayla and one thing leads to another between the two and each one is able to find something in the other they have always been missing. 

I absolutely loved this book.  I love books that make me live and breathe the emotion in them and this book had me feeling the same emotions they did in the book.  I was happy and sad, laughing and crying and didn’t want to put it down.  The connection between Jason and Kayla was intense.  While reading this book, I felt the love and devotion between them.  Seeing Kayla with Jason was so special, because even though Kayla was in her mid-twenties she was learning and feeling everything for the first time.  We are able to see her grow and gain strength with each passing page.  Kayla was so strong even after everything she had been through.  She found her voice and was able to speak out against her attacker and I hope her story will help another person find their voice.  I strongly recommend this book to everyone!  Simply amazing!


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