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Stacey Lynn

Point of Redemption, Remembering Us
Point of Redemption (Nordic Lords MC #2) by Stacey Lynn 

Point of Redemption.
The Nordic Lords MC, Book 2

Lies. Heartbreak. Betrayal.

No one knew the devastation of those three words more than Faith Winston and five years ago, she endured every one of them. All she wanted was to feel safe and marry the very man who promised to love her and protect her, Ryker Knight.

But growing up in the Nordic Lords Motorcycle Club, she should have known she couldn’t have a happy ending. Instead, her world became a nightmare. The bikers—her family—abandoned her, leaving her to crash without their safety net.

Ryker Knight has spent the last five years consumed with guilt, running from the ghosts that haunt him. That is until his past catches up with him the moment his brother needs his help. Returning home to Jasper Bay, he’s forced to face the same ghosts he was running from. Only to find that the woman he loved is trapped in a hell of her own, entrenched behind enemy lines —and it’s all his fault.

And even though Ryker’s life comes with priorities that he can’t – and won’t - turn his back on, he refuses to leave Jasper Bay until he’s found Faith.
But will she want to return to the life she’s always wanted even if Ryker is no longer capable of giving her what he once promised?

Manda's 4 Star Review:
5 years ago Faith Winston had to endure the worst pain and betrayal she ever could of imagined. Abandoned by the only family she has ever known and the one man she thought she would be with forever, Faith is tossed into a nightmare she knows she will never be free from. Forced to live a life she doesn't want and haunted by the memories of her first love she struggles to live day to day.

Ryker Knight has spent the last 5 years of his life running from his pain and his guilt. Determined to stay away from the life he once knew he secludes himself in a job and life that doesn't require more than a broken man can give. When his brother reaches out to him for help he has no choice but to return home. As soon as he hits town he comes face to face with the only woman he has ever loved. Learning that she is trapped in her own personal hell and its all his fault, Ryker is determined to free Faith. He is stuck between his current life and obligations and the woman he once promised forever. As the danger intensifies Ryker must fight against his anger and guilt to help his brother and save Faith.

I actually signed up to review this book before I read the first in the series. I could not be happier that I found these books. I am a huge fan of MC books and am always looking for a good story. This book did not disappoint. I really liked the first book but I think I liked this one more. All of the characters in this book are strong and really well written. The storyline is a bit different from most MC books and has enough twists and turns to keep your full attention. The hell that the characters go through, especially Faith makes for an emotional read. I absolutely cannot wait for what happens next. This really is a fantastic series and I am now a huge fan of Stacey Lynn.

Review: Remembering Us by Stacey Lynn

My life was perfectly mapped out for me since before the day I was born. I followed it, begrudgingly, because it’s what was expected. And then one day, everything changed. I woke up. Different. Independent. Free from all the rules that had surrounded me. Only I have no idea how I got to where I am. I have no memory of graduating college. No memory of Adam, the boyfriend I live with. He loves me. And I love him. At least that’s what everyone says. Except when my memories return to me as dreams, I see a different man than the one everyone claims is perfect for me. He terrifies me. He makes my heart race and he makes me feel things I’ve never felt before. I have no idea if I want to welcome the emotional roller-coaster that his piercing brown eyes and messy black hair puts me on every time I get a glimpse of him, or if I want to run back to the safe shelter of the scripted life-plan that used to be mine.

***Who Picked This? Book Blog was given an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review***

Mag's 5 Star Review!!

One of the best amnesia stories I’ve read.  A heart touching story.

“It’s been weeks since I woke up from my coma, and I don’t remember anything more than the fact that I live with a stranger and I don’t like him when I dream.”

Amy had a privileged life one where her parents gave her what they thought she would need and in turn expected her to follow the plan they had set for her.  The only problem was, no one expected Amy to meet and fall for Adam, a player who comes from the wrong side of the tracks.  Someone Amy’s parents didn’t approve of.

The book starts off with Amy rehashing a vivid dream and then transitions into her reality, where she remembers nothing from the past two years.  That includes meeting, falling in love, and moving in with Adam.  Waking up from a coma, Amy is beyond confused and struggles on a daily basis not to disappoint the people that are the closet to her.

Remembering Us is a story of second chances, not by choice but by fate.  It’s a story of unbreakable bonds and the obstacles that try and destroy them.  Remembering Us is a beautiful story filled with touching moments.  There were so many memorable moments that I wanted to highlight the entire book!

“Everything I’ve seen in the dreams, everything I’ve felt always leads back to that conclusion.  The fear, the uncertainty, the jealousy- never once have I seen, or felt, any redeeming quality from either of us as I remember how we began.  We bring out the worst in each other.” 

“I never knew it would be possible for a fuck-up like me to fall in love, but I did.  And now that I feel it, I really...really want to show you how much I love you.”

Amy and Adam’s story made my heart hurt in a good way.  I wanted to cry for both of them, because love like that only comes around once, and watching the memories through Amy’s eyes as they slowly come back was beautiful.  Remembering Us was such an amazing love story, and I honestly wish there was more of it.

 “We’re such a wreck.  But it’s the most glorious wreck I’ve ever seen.”

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