Wednesday, September 24, 2014

T.A. Hardenbrook

Running Home

This novel is intended for 18+ for mature content. Strippers,porn, drugs,law enforcement, and of course romance are all included in this package!

Carmen always had a wild streak about her while growing up in this small town. Everyone use to say her only saving grace in this world was her best friend Walker who tried to keep the flighty girl grounded. But life was too big for her to live in this one stop light kind of town; she had dreams and wants that could take her anywhere but staying there. Anything was better than being stuck in the perpetuating cycle of being born and dying in this hell hole she called the reality of a small town girl. 

Walker was the only anchor that could hold her home, she lived for that boy. So how do you explain to someone that staying there would only suffocate the possibilities of making a better life for oneself? Running away was the only option, and leaving a piece of her heart with him would keep her strong out in the real world, at least she hoped it would.

After years of trying to make it on her own, struggling through life and trying to stay clean, the only reality she sees at surviving now is going back to the place she tried so hard to break free from. Unsure if her old life is willing to accept the choices she has made, the lone thought that matters to her is hoping she still has the only man she has counted on her entire life in her corner. You can always go home, but will they be willing to take you back?

Who Picked This? book blog was given the ARC of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Maggie's 4 Star Review

Carmen was a typical girl stuck in a small town and looking for an escape. She has dreams of seeing her name in lights, and hitting it big in Hollywood. Only she didn’t know that by hitting it big in Hollywood, she would also find herself hitting rock bottom. After some choice decisions, Carmen finds herself calling the only person who was ever there for her growing up, Walker Mason. The last time Walker saw Carmen she was hitchhiking along the side of the highway leaving his life for good. Now after six years, he is brought back together with her.

Carmen and Walker’s story takes twists and turns in Carmen’s road to finding happiness. These events ended up sealing the deal for me with this book. I must say if you are a fan of books that are a little out of the box then this one is for you!! I loved this book, but I also like books that are raw and full of real life situations that anyone could find themselves in; books that aren’t totally all hearts and flowers. I would defiantly recommend this book to anyone looking for something out of the norm but with some romance along the way.

Manda's 4 Star Review

Carmen and Walkers story is definitely not your typical small town boy meets girl love story. Carmen is a big fish in a little pond. She is eager to escape small town life for the lure of the Hollywood lights. Walker is happy in their small town and wants nothing more than to graduate, become a police officer,and have his best friend Carmen by his side. Big dreams and small towns don't mix and Carmen leaves her home and best friend behind to make a name for herself.

I am a big fan of books that go outside the lines of traditional love stories. This book takes you on an emotional ride and gives you a glimpse into what happens when your big dreams don't go as planned. I had a bit of trouble getting into the story and connecting with the characters in the beginning. As the story progressed I became more invested in the characters and where their story was taking them. Running Home is a real, raw and emotional story that will pull you in and keep you reading. Definitely recommend for anyone looking for a book that is anything but typical.

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