Wednesday, September 24, 2014

K.S Smith

One Night With Him

Reagan Larson has been dealt her fair share of tragedy, but each time she has come out on top. Her heart is callused, but she still has hope. She may be the last one of her sorority sisters to still be single, but she knows Mr. Right is out there. Reagan is ready to move forward with her life when the time is right, or so she thinks, unfortunately when love is staring her straight in the face she keeps finding ways to hide from it.

The last thing Cole Conrad is looking for is commitment. He is set in his bachelor ways and has no intentions of leaving them. Having any woman he desires at his fingertips is how he has always lived. Cole is used to playing by his rules, until he meets Reagan Larson, and for the first time -after what had to have been one of his most fulfilling evenings with a woman- he wakes up feeling alone and used

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Manda's 4 Star Review:

Reagan Larson has always been responsible and never does anything crazy. Then a wild night at her best friends bachelorette party has her waking up with a sexy stranger, whose name she doesn't even know. She can't believe she actually did something this crazy and heads out as quick as she can without waking him.

Cole Conrad is a ladies man. He is successful and handsome and living the perfect bachelor life. After meeting a mystery girl at a bar and spending an unforgettable night with her he wakes to find himself alone and getting a taste of his own medicine.

A crazy coincidence has the pair running into each other and unable to get away. Each angry with the other for the way their one crazy night ended. They are forced to keep things civil and try not to let their connection ruin everything.

I really enjoyed this book. It was a very quick read but keeps you interested. The characters are well written and the storyline is very entertaining. The initial meeting in the bar between Reagan and Cole is funny and made me love Reagan. I also liked that Cole was actually getting a taste of his own medicine with their meeting. Again I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it. Its one that you will read from start to finish in one sitting. Great job K.S Smith! I look forward to reading more from you!

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